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yan zhao

As a wife and working mother, raising three children within our schools and parks I am dedicated to Saratoga’s natural beauty and rooted community. As a board member and past chair of the Saratoga Planning Commission for the past eight years, I am looking forward to continuing a lifelong commitment in serving for the people of this wonderful community.

Saratoga’s serene atmosphere and strong community are just two of the reasons I am running for City Council in 2014. After my first visit to this city, I knew I found a place where I can call home and raise my kids.  It has become one of my core values in life to give back to my community, and to serve my civic duties as a resident, mother, and community member.

Community service has been one of the richest and most fulfilling aspect of my life here in Saratoga.  As a Planning Commissioner, I have taken great care to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods and to preserve the charm and characters of our small town.  Alongside my work with the Planning Commission, my experience volunteering with many local organizations has also been extremely rewarding, and I have built many individual connections and friendships within our community.

I have a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

On City Council, I hope to my bring my years of experience as Saratoga’s Planning Commissioner; my connections as a community volunteer; and my passion as a mother who is invested in education, safety, and recreational activities. As an engineer, I bring a strong background in financial and analytical skills to work with our city’s budget. Finally, I am deeply rooted in public service to our local community.

I would like to personally express my deep gratitude to my supporters, neighbors, and friends for all their help in building this campaign. Thank you for your support!



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